Our Wild locals

These are just some of the wild animals we can encounter during our tours! While some animals like manatees only appear during the warm water season, others, such as dolphins, may be seen year round! Our tour guides our the most knowledgeable when it comes to our wildlife friends, and while they know where to look, no one can guarantee that any or all of these animals will be present on any day.

Photo of a Bottlenose Dolphin swimming above water
Bottlenose Dolphins

These smart and adventurous mammals can be spotted around the city year round! They willvery often get close to us on our tours, however it is important to remember they are wild animals and need to respected as such. It is Illegal to ever feed or touch wild bottlenose dolphins.

Manatee paddleboard encounter

Manatees can most commonly be spotted in St. Augustine during summer months when the water temperature is more to their liking. During cold water seasons it is extremely rare to find one around the city as they retreat to Florida springs where the water temperature is much more stable.

Sea Turtle salt run St. Augustine
Green Sea, Loggerhead, and Leatherback
Sea Turtles

There are many different kinds of sea turtles all over the world! we are lucky to have as many as 3 different kinds here in St. Augustine. These friendly explorers may be seen year round, just look for their little heads popping up out of the water!

Great egret salt run
Great American Egret

These elegant birds were almost extinct due to hunting throughout the late 19th century. Today, we are lucky to have them throughout the wetlands of St. Augustine. They can be seen year round in all their grace and beauty.

Sting Rays St Augustine
Sting Rays

There are many different types of stingrays in north east Florida which can be seen year round. These beautiful animals are actually related to sharks, and overall there are actually about 220 known species!

Cannonball Jellyfish
Cannonball Jellys

Cannonball jelly fish may also be seen year round. Their name comes from the shape of their bodies and while they can be quite large and sting, they are relatively safe and super cool to see!

roseate spoonbill
Roseate Spoonbills

This bird may look like it just spent an evening with the pink panther, but it is actually one of only six Spoonbill species in the entire world. Sightings are rare but their majesty is mesmerizing.

Osprey raptor

This tenacious raptor is almost always around! One of the coolest experiences is being able to see them hunt. their prowess and skill is truly a sight to behold.

Horse shoe crab eco tour
Horseshoe Crabs

These Historic crabs have been around longer than dinosaurs! They may look like prehistoric, however they are much more closely related to scorpions and spiders! These old friends can also be seen year round!

White ibis
White Ibis

These graceful birds are almost entirely white except for their distinct beak an eyes. They are native all over Florida, However seeing them in a group perched upon mangroves is a very different and stunning view.